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You are about to learn the Basics, Techniques and Tactics of Online Sales and Marketing...


The Fundamentals of online Sales and Marketing Course is geared to give you the basics and foundation of making a success of your digital marketing Career. It will prepare you for the next courses - DROP SHIPPING,


Course Modules

Module 1

You will learn : 1. The clear lines of demacation between Sales and Marketing. 2. How to determine and Stay focussed on a specific marketing Niche, 3. Whats Analytics and its importance, 4. Exposure to several Marketing and selling tools and much more...

Module 2

1. You will learn the simple way to build a web store from scratch or leverage on a free web store, 2. Unique terms and terminologies as its applicable to online sales and marketing, 3. How to work being conscious of the pop corn effect and Purple Cow theory and much more...

Module 3

1. You will learn about the 11 elements called the "Success drivers", 2. How to develop a Career in Online Sales and Marketing Career and 3. The benefits of the Course and much more..

Course Categorisations and Incentives

STANDARD: N2500 - (Certificate Only)

SUPER:  N5000  / 0.0000013 TBC

              (Certificate + Textbook)

PREMIUM: N10000 - (Certificate + Textbook + Lecture Slides + 1 Month free Mentoring + In between Lecture refreshments for Classroom Students

Olumide Ashiru

Our Mission 

The Mission and objective of the Expertworkers.NG OSM Course is to impart knowledge and raise Digital Sales and Marketing Experts.. Who can navigate there ways in the cyberworld and promote brands and businesses, generate income, empower and enable others to do the same. The whole world and activities are online now as we can see.. This is a very new field of endeavour in Africa and the world at large. There are increasingly more people online every single day.. looking for on thing or the other.

You will learn a lot in these Classes.. 

I have personally sold millions Online..and you can do more..

All you need is just any device that can access the net.. That's all!!!

Watch Patience Henshaw's Testimony Video

Student's Testimonials

 Testimonial by Joseph Ebang  

I'm a graduate of the OSM class. I'm so glad to have been a part of the class because I've learnt so much about online sales and marketing and the internet as a whole. I got to know about the online digital money which is the Crypto currency and the paper money which is the fiat. I also got to know about something really interesting that struck me the most which is the IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS) and the fact that the internet has gone global and that with your phone, you can connect to devices and appliances in your home and they can send you informations like when you're running low on drinks in your refrigerator, it quickly sends a notification to your phone asking you to refill.
The impact of this class in my life has been tremendous, to start with, I'm now a better and a trained internet user, I now know how to use my data to make a lot of money on the internet not just to chat every minute.
I'm now a registered user of OLX and several other online sites where I can make money from by simply marketing my products and getting the end result which is to make sells and I've started doing that already.
I can boldly say that the class was worth attending and the registration money was well spent!

More from Pat...

I have really been educated and I have gained a lot of new knowledge of the osm world. The osm course was introduced to me by a dear friend and I will always be grateful to her for exposing me this this wealth of knowledge. While taking the course, I have learnt that the world is now a global village and it's no longer difficult to reach out to people around the globe but with the internet, people from all over the world can meet in the same space, they can do business without physically meeting one another. I also learnt during the course that through the internet one can operate even household appliances just by being connected to the internet known as the internet of things (IOT). Affiliate marketing was something I never knew about, now I have registered as an affiliate marketer for some online stores. There are some marketing tools I never knew existed and what they can do when it comes to moving ones business to the global village like Facebook ad, aweber, bitly, udimi just to name a few.
I have learnt on how to narrow my niche, lead generation, traffic generation lead magnet, popcorn effect, purple cow effect and email automation. I learnt to set goal, plans of action and accountability.
In conclusion I would like to recommend this course for everyone not just business owner but all and sundry because it's necessary to be trendy and be relevant in this world.
I would like to appreciate the facilitator of this course, for all the lectures, materials, resources and moral support given throughout the course. I am very grateful for the opportunity and I will forever value this privilege.

Philomina Onun

I learnt so much during the OSM Course, and this has changed my understanding of the internet world,  I can be here and work with companies online, own  businesses online. (It's not what you know but who you know that matters.) I'm a millionaire with knowledge.

Stella Wealth

My name is Stella, and I'm so glad I got to attend the Online sales and Marketing course with Pastor David. It was a pocket opener. I learnt so many things to further improve my business and enhance my marketing skills. The purple cow effect amongst other terminologies used in online sales and marketing. I'm a much exposed business woman that I attended the OSM course.

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